Sabtu, 24 November 2012

musik; Plays the current song. SCM.pause(); Pause the currently playing song. SCM.previous(); Loads the previous song in playlist.; Loads the next song in playlist. SCM.queue({title:'x',url:'y'}); Queue a song title x url y to the playlist.{title:'x',url:'y'}); Add a song title x url y to the playlist and play it. SCM.volume(vol); Sets the volume. Accepts an integer vol between 0 and 100.'x'); Change skin of SCM Music Player, with x being the link to a custom skin css file. SCM.placement(pos); Change placement of the player bar. Accepts a string pos 'top' or 'bottom' SCM.loadPlaylist('x'); Loads the specified playlist url x. SCM.loadPlaylist([{title:'x1',url:'y1'}, {title:'x2',url:'y2'}, ...]); Loads the specified list of songs with their title and url respectively. SCM.repeatMode(no); Set the repeat mode of playlist. Accepted values of no are: 0 (play playlist once), 1 (repeat playlist), 2 (repeat item). SCM.isShuffle(x); Set whether playback order should be shuffled. Accepts a boolean x true or false.

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